​Football Season + DFS = “The other woman”

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 Brace yourself, football season is coming! My husband is glued to his phone year round because of DFS, but football season is a whole other beast. It quickly becomes an issue. I’m sure I’m not alone in this! So I have come up with 5 tips to help your relationship survive football season.

1. Communicate!                              

It sound simple enough, talk to each other!! However like most things it can be easier said than done. I’m no relationship expert, but I have been married for 14 years. I can tell you from experience that communication is key to any part of relationship and DFS is no exception. 

2. Ground rules.                                

This goes along with communication, we don’t want to be your mother, we don’t want to make rules for you. However your money is our money, and we deserve to know how much you will be spending. Hiding something as important as how much money you spend from your spouse is a recipe for disaster.

3. Set aside time.                                

Time is the most important. Set aside time for just you and your spouse no phone, no computer, no talk about lineups. Set a time to play with your children, believe me this goes a long way with your spouse and your kids. Try not to look at your phone at dinner, if you’re lucky enough to have a wife that is making dinner for you and your family, respect that! I understand that sometimes dinner is at the same time as lineup lock. Lock your lineup, set it, forget it and spend time with your family it’s more important than you realize.

4. Share your winnings.            

 Money talks. The easiest way to get through football season is to share your winnings. Take her out to dinner, buy her something she’s been wanting. And if y’all have kids, ask for the back-to-school supplies list. I promise this will help.

5. Get her involved.                      

Explain the game to her. Once she knows that she doesn’t have to know everything about every sport in order to win money, she may surprise you and actually want to play too. This doesn’t work for everyone, take me for example, as soon as my husband starts explaining to me the ins and outs of DFS my eyes glossed over and I patiently wait for him to stop talking so I can agree. But I know lots of women who love sports, I know lots of women who love winning money. Who knows maybe y’all could do it together and share your passion.

Obviously these aren’t foolproof tips to save a relationship from football season. However they have helped me, maybe they can help you too. Don’t let the hobby you’ve come to love known as DFS become the other woman in your relationship. Once your wife has become jealous of your new hobby it’s hard to turn back. All I ask is that you take these five tips into consideration at the beginning of this football season.


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