Being Married To DFS

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So, not your typical article. You won’t find any opinions on players or who is doing well on the field this week here. Nope.

Even though my husband explains all of his daily research on every player of every sport known to man, I still know nothing about sports. I still know very little about Daily Fantasy Sports. Here is what I do know, I know that I can’t be the only wife who has been fed up with DFS. However I deal, and I will tell you why and how.
The number one reason we hate DFS is….. You guessed it, it takes away our time! Yes, we love you! We would like it if when you aren’t working, you would look up from your phone and computer for longer than five minutes. Help with the kids, the house, talk to me about something other than how you should have gone with your gut on that last line-up! *deep breath*

Here is how I deal. I did some research of my own. I learned that this is a game of skill and in order for my husband to do well, he needs to do research….daily. Why is this important? Well if your husband is going to play he may as well win and to win he needs to study. Which could take quite some time.

How do I deal? Money talks.
If he’s gonna have a hobby that takes up most of his time, might as well be profitable. Now I’m in no way encouraging or condoning spending thousands of dollars to make pocket change. That’s why I deal with the hours of research. Also, remember everyone goes through a losing streak. As long as they are not losing the house and kids college fund here’s how I deal with the money issue. It could be something worse.
My husband works full time, he is kind and an amazing father. He doesn’t cheat or do drugs, so if this makes him happy then who am I to take it away?? We all have our outlets, shopping, eating, T.V. something that makes us happy. So if this is his, and if he makes time for us, pays bills on time and is a good guy….let him have it.

That’s how I deal with being a DFS players wife.


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