Blue’s Top 5 (NFL) Week 2

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Hey everybody, welcome to my second write up for “Blue’s Top 5”, where I give you my top 5 picks at QB, RB, WR, and TE for GPP tournaments (Fanduel). I will also provide my Top 5 stacks (QB/WR or RB/DEF) How do I make make picks? Glad you asked!

  • QB’s – I look for the quarterbacks who have the highest potential to play a great game but can get overlooked for bigger name studs. Usually they will have multiple options to pass to or they have a dead set #1 receiver that will most likely catch a nice chunk of the passes against a weak defense. Their price will usually be mid range to low.
  • RB’s – For running backs i’m looking at rb’s that get a lot of run, especially in red zone/goal line situations. Also they get a decent amount of passes dumped off to them. Of course the defense will be weak against the run.
  • WR’s – Receivers that get major targets and YAC (yards after catch)  but may not be the #1 receiver will be on my radar. Don’t forget receptions garner points so that will come in to play for me as well.
  • TE’s – Tight end is plain and simple. If they get a decent amount of touches or goal line play, i’m looking at them. If the D they are up against is weak at defending TE’s, that’s a boost in my book.

** Disclaimer – These are my OPINIONS. Never go all in with these picks without also doing some research for yourself. Remember we are betting on human beings, and humans aren’t perfect. Every once in a while everything can lead you to believe players will have a monster game, and they play like bums or get injured. Alright let’s get into the fun part!

Top 5 QB’s

  1. Joe Flacco ($7000) – Now honestly this might be a medium owned play. I feel any team against the Browns will be once again this season. But Flacco at $7000 isn’t bad. He’s also been on record saying that he’s feeling better, not 100% but close. Now what boosts my like is CLE is ranked 1st against the run. I swear to you i’m not high. So if that’s the case Flacco is going to be chucking balls left and right all game long. I think he plays a lot better than week 1.
  2. Phillip Rivers ($7000) – People sleep on my man Rivers. He’s a pass heavy machine. Granted he only threw for 192 yards last week. But against the Broncos HE STILL GOT 3 TD’s! So I feel like Going up against a softer D in my opinion he’s looking to put up at least 250 yards and 2 TD’s. Home game as well just makes it sexier to me.
  3. Jacoby Brissett ($6400) – Now i’m sure everyone who is reading this is like WTF. But hear me out. He’s played for the Patriots. and did decent might I add. Although he only played long enough to go 2 for 3 with 51 yards, this week it looks like he gets the start. I have more confidence in him playing a home game as well. Now not to say he’s Matt Stafford level, we seen what sir Matthew did to the Cardinals last week. With receivers Hilton & Moncrief, I see him having a big day just like Stafford. I wouldn’t go all in as long as Pagano is still the coach but he could help you cash. Especially with it seeming everyone wants to go ARI defense.
  4. Alex Smith ($7200) – After his purge last week against the Patriots i’m surprised he’s not in the $8000 club and up. 28 for 35, 368 yards, 4 TD’s, ON THE ROAD? Idk but at this price even if high owned I like it. He’ll be back at home. I personally think this game will be a shootout. Enjoy Smith while he’s cheap is all I can say.
  5. Jamies Winston ($7800) – Sadly we didn’t get to see Winston carve up the Dolphins. But they got an extra week of practicing and i’m ready to roll him out. His price is still too cheap in my opinion. He’s at home vs the Bears. Currently ranked 27th against the pass. I don’t want to get ahead of myself early but I feel like this game gets ugly quick. He’s got plenty of decent options to chuck his balls at (LOL). So don’t be afraid to give him some run.

Top 5 RB’s

  1. Jay Ajayi ($7900) – This pick is tricky. On one side the Chargers are ranked 27th vs the rush. Sounds perfect right? Well on the other side Ajayi has been have knee issues. Running backs kinda need their knees to you know, run. So literally he could have one of the biggest days out of all running backs or he could be a straight up bust. So when considering him, do some serious research for other matchups that may be better with less risk.
  2. Marshawn Lynch ($7200) – He had an ok game last week. But the matchup was tougher. This week Beastmode is up against the Jets and at home. Guess who’s ranked lowest against the run (excluding TB/MIA for postponed game) THE JETS. Shady ran all over them, and I see no reason why Lynch can’t do the same. I also see at least 2 TD’s. He only raised up $3000 in salary so it can’t hurt to plug him in some lines.
  3. Ty Montgomery ($6500) – Against the Seahawks who are a well respected DEF. Ty managed to acquire 17.3 fdps. This week he has a softer matchup against the Falcons currently ranked 24th against the run. But not only can he run he’s an excellent option for pass catching as well. I feel he’ll be all over the place if the Falcons can keep Nelson in check. At $6500 that is big salary relief.
  4. Carlos Hyde ($6400) – Now like I said my previous pick did decent against the Seahawks defense last week. I feel like Hyde is pretty much the highlight of this team. I mean yeah they got Garcon, but i think he gets tied up this week. Leaving the field wide open for Hyde. He’s also getting some respect as a pass catcher. So if his coach doesn’t abandon the run he might have nice day. Salary relief and a position that gets looked over when going against the Seahawks.
  5. Jonathan Stewart ($5900) – Now Buffalo looks like they have a great run defense. But we must remember they played the Jets. Nothing to get hype about. In my opinion McCaffrey isn’t really ready yet to be getting a lot of run. But Stewart is a big body vet. I think he can bust up the bills for some decent yardage. Especially if Cam doesn’t make something happen through the air this week. Oh and Stewart got off A TD last week. Let’s see if he can get another one or two this week.

Top 5 WR’s

  1. Cooper Kupp ($5400) – Kupp went pretty under the radar last week. Hell I didn’t even pay any attention to him and he was playing against my team. But he slid through with 15.60 fdps which for such a cheap play isn’t bad. This week he’s going against the Redskins.  This means he could get a lot of looks. IMO there’s still no real #1 receiver. So while the Redskins are trying to figure out who should their attention most I see him putting him similar numbers if not more against 26th against the pass ranked Washington.
  2. Chris Hogan ($6200) – Hogan was a beast for the Patriots last season. Granted Gronk was out but still. He kinda stunk last week only pulling in 1 of 5 targets. But now Edelman & Amendola are out. Against the Saints whose defense isn’t the same as the Chiefs. So I think Brady and Hogan can get back in sync this week. Also after that abysmal defeat at home last week i’m sure Brady is airing it out everywhere and I feel Hogan gets a decent share.
  3. Jeremy Maclin ($6300) – Now let me explain this one. I have been seeing a lot of people talking about giving T West a run. But like I stated earlier they are ranked 1st in rush defense (per Fanduel). So if everyone is going RB in that game I feel like Maclin goes low owned again and against the Browns puts up hella yards. and if the run D keeps West in check that’s more opportunity for passes that hit Maclin.
  4. Desean Jackson ($6700) – D Jax really makes me think he’s going to get overlooked because of Mike Evans. I also believe Chicago are going to place heavy focus on keeping Evans shut down which leaves the field open for Jackson.  Last week the Bears looked like they were still trying to figure out how to properly mesh on D and that could work for Jackson. Also with an extra week of rest I think the game could good and be a shooutout possibly if the CHI offense plays anything like last week.
  5. Adam Thielen ($5800) – Theilen played great last season and has already started of this season with a bang. Going up against the Steelers may scare some people off of MIN but I think Bradford can still make things happen. Hell the Browns kind of gave them problems. I wouldn’t say play him heavy but he could make a big difference with low percentage own this week.

Top 5 TE’s

  1. Austin Hooper ($5500) – I’ll be honest. I honestly don’t think he’ll have anywhere near as big of day as he did last week. But with the yardage he put up, he will definitely get looks. This week I feel like he’ll get more goal line targets then open throws. But if Julio is trash again it could open up more looks to him.
  2. Charles Clay ($5200) – Clay went severely under-owned and I was thankful I had him. Now the matchup was the Jets but I think he can put up similar numbers this week as well against Carolina. I don’t think the Bills will have their way like they did last week. So I think a lot of quick passes low will be their best bet and Clay is the guy to get the targets.
  3. Cameron Brate ($5300) – I’m honestly giving Cam some run because look how Hooper tore up Chicago’s defense. Chicago is now ranked 27th vs pass. So even if he doesn’t get targets in open field. I think when they hit they Red Zone, which personally I think will be a ton, his targets will go up. I wish I could’ve seen him in action last week to give a better opinion on him. But TB is going to be a top offense this year. I believe Brate will be a big part of that.
  4. Coby Fleener ($5300) – To this day I still don’t understand why the Colts gave him up. Fleener can be a clutch TE when needed. Last week he did better than I expected going up against the Vikings. 5 for 6, 54 yards and a TD. He’ll be at home this week which I think will give him a boost to show out. If this game isn’t a shootout as I predict it to be, Fleener may not do much. But revenge week for Brady and Home game for pass happy Brees, I think Fleener will get a decent share of the ball. Teams don’t respect Fleener like they should and I think it’ll show this week.
  5. Jared Cook ($5100) I picked him for week 1 and i’m surprised at the targets he got. I didn’t see 5 coming his way. Even better he caught all of them. With a weaker defense to go up against this week. I think he’ll get more targets and possibly a goal line TD. Jets D is a mess right now so don’t run Cook too heavy. Oakland may do more running of the ball once they are ahead.

Top 5 K/DEF Pool

  1. Ravens
  2. Buccaneers
  3. Raiders
  4. Tavecchio
  5. Zuerlein

Top 5 Stacks (QB/WR or RB/DEF)

  1. Brissett/Hilton or Moncreif
  2. Winston/Jackson
  3. Lynch/OAK
  4. Flacco/Maclin
  5. Rivers/Williams

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