LoL DFS – LCS Regional Qualifiers 9/8

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Sup folks, it’s the weekend again, so that means time to gear up for some League of Legends DFS! This weekend we have an action jam packed weekend. I wish there was a way for me to prepare you the whole weekend, but each day’s matchup is dependent on the previous day’s game. It’s a win and move on to next round, lose and perish.

For EU LCS: H2k face off against SPY, the next round winner faces UOL, and the winner of the 2nd round advances to face against FNC for the rights to Worlds.

For NA LCS: DIG starts off vs. Fly, winner moves on to face CLG, and eventually have a date with C9 on Sunday.

I promise this will be a great week of LOL DFS fun, if I’m not distracted by NFL Kickoff week that is…Friday starts us off with H2k (-240) the favorite over Spy (+160). I read some great write up by Kelsey Moser on ESPN about what to expect from this matchup. Both teams have a lot of inconsistency to workout. H2kJankos is one of the most inconsistent member of H2k, who could be the difference between win and defeat. I see this game being a close fight, and could play up to game of 5. Looking over the NA LCS, DIG (-375) v. Fly (-230) looks to be a more one-sided deal. As you may know of my previous writing, TeamDig is very objective oriented and palys well defensively. They did lose to Fly in the early part of the Summer Split, but that was before DIGAltec and DIGAdrian joined up. Now, the bottom lane is defended much better. We’ll see if DIG can have their revenge.

Cheatsheet LCS Qualifiers 11AM 9/8:

Elite – Keane, Nuclear, Altec
Good – Ssumday, Sencux, Kobbe, Odoamne
Value – Wildturtle, LemonNation, mikyx, Trashy

Stacks Only – Wunder w/SPY stack, Chei w/H2k stack, Moon – Hai – Wildturtle stack

Good luck and Play Smart!


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