LoL DFS – Regional Q Final Round 9/10

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Vegas wins. At the end of the day, it always comes back to Vegas projections, and no where was it more apparent than the second round of the LCS qualifiers. I had in my mind that UoL was a superior team to H2k, even though the money line clearly favored H2k. Based on my past DFS experience, I was not likely to bet heavy against Vegas, even though I have my own conviction. Truth be told, it was a clear toss up between both teams, as they headed into Game 5. So, I think if you had taken some UoL stacks, it could’ve worked out. Enough about looking back, time to prepare for the final round.

Vegas does not have any line for this game, so we’re heading in blind. Sitting in the final round Cloud9 and Fnatic awaits challengers CLG and H2k; respectively. H2k had the highest climb out of everyone, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I believe C9 and CLG will have the highest stats, as both teams excel in team fighting and go for the kills early and often. Fnatics are also a top team in the EU LCS, and will prove to be H2k’s biggest challenge. In the playoff rounds, FNC beat H2k, but took 5 games to do so. H2k might be looking for revenge. In either case, it’s set to be an entertaining Sunday (outside of NFL at least).

Cheatsheet Regional Qualifiers 9/10 11am: 

Elite – Rekkles, Jensen, Broxah, Darshan
Good – Sneak, Huhi, Nuclear, Febiven, Caps
Value – Chei, Omargod, Jankos

All Supports should be stacked with their teams or ADCs. Reason being, this final round is very close between all teams. It can be anything from a sweep to playing all 5 games for both matchups. My advice to you is to pick the 2 teams that you think will win, and stack them for cash. For GPP, game stack CLG – C9. For contrarian stack H2k with one of C9 or CLG.

Good luck and Play Smart!


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