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The ever so popular Monday Night Football double header!On a two game slate there are only two playing options in my opinion. One, play as many line combos as you can. Although expensive and exhausting you’re basically trying to cover as much ground as possible. The second being, create one lineup and dial it in because there is no room for error! Every point scored is so valuable and falling behind is extremely detrimental to your success. If you’d like to make 75 different lineup combos for tonight feel free! It’s fun, reminds me of being a kid in a candy store! For those you who are constructing one line read this! Lets try and make it stand out from the rest…
This slate much like week one comes with a lot of questions. Is AP out for revenge in MIN? What’s the pecking order for the Vikings WR‘s? Denver is seemingly deep at RB, who asserts themselves? How can we not discuss the elephant in the room? LA Charger’s kicker, Younghoe Koo. Not for his name dummies, can he actually kick? Nah, its cause his name! Lets dig in…

Of the four QB’s starting tonight it’s a case of two tried and true guys, Brees and Rivers. A stop gap fill the void type in Sam Bradford and Trevor Siemian, a guy who battled all spring to land QB1 in Denver.

Trevor Siemian DEN v LAC ($6,300)

He’s my QB this evening, after a training camp battle and the backing of his team he’s going to be on fire tonight! Kid has pin point accuracy, lets watch him work!

Running back is quite interesting this evening! Its extremely exciting! I wont be too cute here, what you see is what you get!

Melvin Gordon LAC @ DEN ($8,400)

Kid is a stud and the unquestioned #1 RB in LA. That paired with running vs the 28th ranked rush defense makes him my #1RB this evening!

Adrian Peterson NO @ MIN ($7,300)

Unless you were born yesterday you know what’s going on here! I’ve bought into all the revenge game hype! Don’t be a newborn here! Play AP!

Lots of healthy options at WR tonight but I’ve noticed that more than half are 50/50. Meaning, who goes off and/or who gets the snaps? MIN has three guys who all are quick and can go wild. It’s a crap shoot. Any wideout receiving passes from Brees will always be a viable option! Pst…Ted Ginn Jr. LAC have a great 3 deep WR core BUT tonight they go into DEN vs a very talented bunch. The most interesting option of the night for me personally, is the DEN WR’s. That 1-2 punch is outstanding! Those are my dudes this evening…

Demaryius Thomas DEN v LAC ($8,300)

Siemian’s top target could do some damage tonight. Does he take one of those bubble screens to the house??

Emmanuel Sanders DEN v LAC ($7,700)

Last season with Siemian as his QB he averaged around 8.3 targets a game. He’s quick and he’s elusive! I love this WR combo in my lines tonight!

Adam Thielen MIN v NO ($6,800)

He broke out last season and for some odd reason he’s listed #2 on the depth chart to start this season! I fully expect him to be MIN #1 go-to WR this season but for the sake of tonight and this slate he’s a must start for me!

I’ve already seen some chatter online over TE this evening. Obviously it’s a matter of opinion and personal preference. Lots of solid options here, my first thought was Fleener in NO. Brees loves that TE position doesn’t he? How about that stud in MIN Rudolph? Lastly, do you choose the seasoned ole vet Gates in LAC or the young up and comer in Hunter Henry?

Hunter Henry LAC @ DEN($6,800)

I’ve read nothing but great things about him this spring! There is a changing of the guard at TE in LAC. That’s ok! This kid is going to be a red zone monster! I can see Henry taking a page out of John Cena’s playbook shouting at Gates, “Ya time is up my time is now now, you can’t see me my time is now!’ but very polite and respectfully!

To be fair, there is only one kicker to be played tonight!

Younghoe Koo LAC @ DEN($4,300)

Fantasy sports and DFS is meant to be fun! If you’re not having fun then what’s the point? A kicker is a kicker, BUT wouldn’t it be more fun to tell your co-workers tomorrow you won money and your winning kicker had “Hoe” in his name?

Picking a DST on such a small slate should, quite frankly be considered a science. You’ve spent a ton of time juggling between WR’s who hopefully go nuts! Then two RB’s you think are going to run wild not to mention a QB you expect to toss 3 TD’s and carve up the opposing DST! If you can do all those aforementioned things and STILL roster a DST not playing against a majority of your lineup then you deserve an honorary science degree! That being said…

New Orleans Saints NO @ MIN($4,100)

Full disclosure, they stink BUT are cheap and playing v Bradford. I’m really banking on a few Bradford mistakes resulting in INTs, maybe a defensive TD?

Minnesota Vikings MIN v NO($4,500)

This team is a sack machine! Brees does dance around and banks on the pass/long ball. Should be plenty of opportunities for some sacks, maybe a fumble recovery??

No matter how you slice it, tonight will be fun! The ever so popular Monday Night Football Double header! It brings a conclusion to week 1 of the NFL, what better way to do so then winning some money!

Here’s what I’m rolling with tonight…

Good luck! Thanks for the read! Emails welcomed @

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