…those insignificant sports stories that just might be…significant… #8, the “did I do that?” edition.

Fantasy Football Rankings

This was a fun filled weekend in which I found myself making mistakes, that were just strangely strange. Sadly, though, not knowing you make a mistake, doesn’t allow the opportunity to rectify it. So in the words of the immortal dude..”I’ll work on doing better..” Which is all we want to do in the world, anyways. And my dfs teams, stunk. So close. The agony of defeat is with me in the NFL. Thanks guys.

Onward and upwards…

The “did I do that?” actually does have its reference to Urkel, but also, to my DFS draft picks. The risks I took were pretty much bringing me back to earth. Which isn’t a bad thing, but I do like to win.


Roger Goodell is having nightmares once again with the Ezekiel Elliott drama-rama. Really, man, is it worth it?

Some days I think the world, especially professional sports, has taken a “soft approach” to issues. It’s truthfully ridiculous to think everyone is an angel.

Which brings up a point I made a few years ago: Could Art Shell, Jack Lambert, Lyle Alzado and Otis Sistrunk play in the NFL Of 2017? Me no think so.

The Rams came back to earth, so did Jacksonville. All is well in the world of NFL.

Empty stadiums, mean less revenue. Well shoot, donate the tickets to charity and let a bunch of kids go! That also lifts the blackout for the locals who want to watch the games at home, because they cannot afford the tickets.

Let’s go even farther: who can afford concession foods? I can buy delivery, and still have money left over to play a bunch of DFS games!

JJ Watt: hero at large.

Bengals bungle once again. No touchdowns in 8 quarters? If you can’t pass the red zone, you’ll never score more than three. That doesn’t lead to point’s man. Maybe Boomer should come out of retirement?

Paging Andrew Luck! Mr. Andrew Luck, please answer the white courtesy phone.


No need to do the math, it looks as though the wild cards are a cinch, as well as division leaders in the NL.

What I say to anyone that wears a Yankees hat? Bench the Judge! He is out of his slump and they need him to be able to perform in the post season.

With the Kansas City no run slump for that 3 plus games, George Brett was considering taking batting practice and signing himself up as a player. He’s already ordered the pine tar, and those corked bats? On their way again.

Cleveland went hopping mad for 21+ days! Chief Wahoo was nowhere to be seen. Sadness.

Banner hung over the green monster in Fenway gets a bunch of people removed from the ballpark.

I’d love to throw out the first pitch of a game. Just to do it. Does that mean I’d have to be dressed up as dabear?



Other sports:

Irma wreaks havoc and cancels so many college games its crazy! Schedulers scramble to find open dates.

I’m up for an 8 team playoff schedule in the NCAA Men’s Football. Think of all the revenue that can be made. Start the season one week earlier.

I kept hearing about the Emmy’s tonight. Is that a sport?

I wonder how much Riley Curry is making off that Infinity commercial with her daddy Stephen.

And lastly:

Sporting events are not meant to have freedom of speech it seems. (I’ll be writing about this soon)

Its bed time for dabear.


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