…what we know…week 1. Greycloudbear’s DFS NFL Football Recap.

Fantasy Football Rankings

True bear factoid: I was once typecast as Charlie Brown for a school class play. Well..I ended up getting stage fright, and quit. Sadness.

Is the kick good? Well if it isn’t, there’s only one person to blame. Well no, there’s also the center, and the setter. And then, there’s the weather, which is a pain in the butt. Here are ten things that I took away from week 1 and will apply them towards week 2.

  1. New England loses game 1 in Foxboro. Go figure that! I did predict that the Pats would not go to the super bowl. KC, did look that much better! I’m predicting though a win for New England and Brady.
  2. Cleveland doesn’t have a chance. They will win one game, maybe two. Going with a rookie QB is a risk in itself, but without the maturity to handle this team, it’s going to be awful
  3. Garcon for SF is a decent draft pick. The 49’ers are still reeling from Kaepernick’s errant ways, and a 2 win season. Garcon, though, is possibly the best thing on a poor team. Why draft him? He’s going to get a lot of time and plays.
  4. Fournette is damn good. Jax did the right thing in drafting him. His first week’s numbers were pretty darn good, and will only improve, He also has the maturity and poise of a veteran. I see great things for him.
  5. Stafford proved his contract value in defeating Arizona. Mind you, it’s only game one, but they played a very good Cardinal team. That being said, will they win week two? It’s very possible.
  6. The LA Rams looked good. Their defense earned the most FP in week one, and Goff looked much more like the player they picked from Cal with the second pick. Don’t be surprised if they have a .500 team.
  7. Bradford scores big with the Vikings. Bradford is a good QB, and very easily able to pick up the numbers necessary to get to the playoffs this year. I would draft him in week two.
  8. New Orleans a’ints. Yes, they did it again, loosing their first game. Does Drew Brees, and Adrian Peterson deserve better? Well they have to play better to be better, and that goes for the whole team.
  9. Baltimore’s Defense is worth “raving” about. Yes, they shut out Cincinatti, and that’s debatable to say how good Baltimore really is, but a team’s defense win games for the offense. And Baltimore always has a great defense. (shout out to draftmasterdrew!)
  10. Dallas looks good, especially with Elliot on the field. With the drama of the suspension being overturned by an appeals court, Elliot got to play, and did contribute. This can only be more promising as time goes by!


And that my friends, is how I see week one. See you after week two!




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